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Total Lab Supplies offer the full range of Labcold Refrigeration equipment.

From Sparkfree Lab Fridges and Freezers to Pharmacy and Vaccine refrigerators.

The RLPR0517 Sparkfree Refrigerator is engineered to store flammable materials safely with no sources of ignition inside the chambers.  It also comes with a new touchscreen controller.  Download the pdf brochure here RLPR0517.

Also available are a wide range of pharmacy & vaccine refrigerators.  Powered by the unique IntelliCold™ Controller that provides both superior temperature uniformity and, together with improved insulation, increases energy efficiency. This fridge is also packed with extra functions designed to store temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions and assist busy professionals with regulatory requirements.

Take a look at the pdf brochure here RLDG0510A

If you have any refrigeration requirements then please contact us.