The Seward Stomacher ® has been the gold standard in sample preparation for over 40 years

Between now and the end of October you can save 10% off any Stomacher machine.  Or you can take advantage of our special bundle offers as below.


Stomacher 400 features
· Improved organism recovery with the patented curved shape of the Circulator paddles over older square paddle designs
· No risk of cross contamination between samples
· Durable and reliable
· Control panel with programmable settings or ‘hands-free’ auto-run
· 3 year warranty and 10 year service support

NEW Stomacher 400 EVO features
· Unique one-touch bag loading system
· Quiet and efficient blending
· Easy clean interior with removable paddles, drip tray and access to paddle chamber
· Designed to work with the new ECO bag range for extra savings & less plastic
· Same reliability and quality you expect from a Seward Stomacher®

BUNDLE OFFER 1 Only £2695 and includes all these items

Stomacher® 400 with BA6141 circulator bags, BA6141/STR strainer bags, BA6096 10 place bag rack, BA6095 bag opener & BA6099 bag clip (per 200)


BUNDLE OFFER 2 Only £2990 and includes all these items

Stomacher® 400 EVO with BA6241 eco bags (Path), BA6341 eco bags (TVC), BA6196 10 place bag rack, BA6195 bag opener & BA6099 bag clip (per 200)

Download the flyer for full details.