Water and Wastewater measuring solutions

WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater.

The product lineup comprises portable meters, such as pocket meters, photometers and samplers, benchtop meters such as the inoLab® series, filter and spectral photometers and turbidity meters, stationary measuring systems like the IQ Sensor Net, analog monitors, samplers and systems for measuring drinking water, analyzers of the TresCon® series, for the IQ Sensor Net or drinking water, digital as well as analog and conventional sensors and accessories for almost all products.

Please download the flyers below for more information:-

pH Brochure

pH Brochure 2


BOD and Oxitops

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.  Quality German engineering!Spectrohotometer

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Time to cool down

labcold, refrigeration, pharmacy, vaccine, sparkfree

Total Lab Supplies offer the full range of Labcold Refrigeration equipment.

From Sparkfree Lab Fridges and Freezers to Pharmacy and Vaccine refrigerators.

The RLPR0517 Sparkfree Refrigerator is engineered to store flammable materials safely with no sources of ignition inside the chambers.  It also comes with a new touchscreen controller.  Download the pdf brochure here RLPR0517.

Also available are a wide range of pharmacy & vaccine refrigerators.  Powered by the unique IntelliCold™ Controller that provides both superior temperature uniformity and, together with improved insulation, increases energy efficiency. This fridge is also packed with extra functions designed to store temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals in optimum conditions and assist busy professionals with regulatory requirements.

Take a look at the pdf brochure here RLDG0510A

If you have any refrigeration requirements then please contact us.

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The Right Weigh Forward!!

Radwag offer a full range of analytical,precision balances and micro balances.

Depending on the model, features include detachable terminal, various communication ports, statistical control, density determination, compliance with USP, touch screen or LCD displays, parts counting, ability to export data and much much more…

Moisture balance

Basic Moisture Balance

Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

Radwag have Professional, Advanced and Basic models to choose from depending on features required and budget.

A range of Moisture balances is also available.

Download the flyer now and check out the details.

Total Lab Supplies Radwag Balance Flyer

UKAS calibration and balance servicing available too.

Why not consider a genuine alternative?  Radwag.


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Ultra-Micro Balances and Micro Balances

Extraordinary precision and comfort of operation for small mass measurement performed with the highest accuracy.

Often think there’s little choice when it comes to Ultra-Micro and Micro balances?  And that they’re really quite expensive?

Why not consider a genuine alternative?  Radwag.

Radwag is a well-known leading manufacturer of electronic weighing instruments in Europe and overseas.  They’re not as well known in this country but are supported in the UK by a dedicated support network and manufacture to strict ISO guidelines.

Balances can be calibrated to UKAS and serviced here in the UK.

The full range includes analytical and precision balances, moisture balances and more.

  • 5.7” touch screen
  • Interactive menu
  • Wireless connection
  • Conformity with regulations (GLP, GMP System)
  • Database (weighing records, samples, operators, reports)
  • Dynamic control of sample weight (bargraph)
  • Statistics, SQC
  • Printouts, reports (PCL standard)
  • Multilingual menu
  • Interfaces: Ethernet (network applications), USB, RS 232, IN/OUT

Download the Ultra-Micro balance brochure here  Ultramicrobalances-and-microbalances.


There is a choice. A genuine alternative!  Radwag!

Call now with your requirements. Ask for a demo!

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Do you need a catalogue?

Do you need a catalogue?  Total lab Supplies have a quantity of general chemical and consumable catalogues left.  Simply contact us to request one.

We can supply a full range of chemicals from various leading brands such as Honeywell including Hydranal and Fluka as well as Sigma, Alfa, Fisher and our own brand.

We also offer a full range of equipment from balances and stirrers to ovens and washing machines as well as various consumables from beakers to flasks.

We would love to hear from you so if your require any further information or would like to place an order then pelase do not hesitate to contact our sales desk on 01744 455000.

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Stuart Equipment

Looking for a Hotplate or Hotplate/Stirrer? Don’t settle for second best.

Stuart offers a comprehensive range of hotplates and hotplate stirrers. Hotplate/stirrers are available in two sizes 16x16cm and 30x30cm. 30x30cm units all have simple analogue control and are available with either a robust metal alloy surface or a chemically resistant ceramic one.

Download the pdf flier for more information.


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